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Our goal is to have a repository of information that’s all about training massage therapy political activists and providing the tools to influence policymakers. We’re working on it. It takes time!

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Advocacy Toolkit for Massage Therapists
Advocacy Toolkit for Massage Therapists

Note: We encourage you to get involved, but we also think it’s important for you to partner with local associations and more experienced political activists. This toolkit also says something about that. Contact us, we’d like to help!

Language has implications and unintended consequences and it’s important for you to understand that. For example, putting a phrase about prohibiting sex in the scope of practice sounds good on the surface, but it’s not

How many professions actually talk about that in their job description (which is what a scope is)? They don’t, because it doesn’t belong there. It’s much better to put that type of language in unprofessional conduct rules or laws. Had it been put into our scope in Montana in 2019 (which it almost was), it would have sexualized our profession rather than separating us from it.