COVID-19 Pandemic News Briefs

Originally, we held a Zoom forum to share information and share our struggles. The format included a news brief of the latest developments in the pandemic and discussion, followed by personal sharing. We recorded it in its entirety. It’s below.

After the first one, participants wanted to do it again. But while people wanted the information sharing portion to be public, we realized that the personal sharing needed to remain private. The result is the news briefs below, the “public” part of the forums, which do not include personal sharing to protect the privacy of participants.

They are listed in reverse order, so that the newest one is at the top of the page.

Almost all of these videos are “Public” (listed on YouTube and in searches) – except when otherise noted. 

The videos have evolved: We’ve added topic areas discussed to make it easier to find the video you’d like to watch, and  have added a pdf of the resources discussed. What we do here will continue to evolve. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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About the videos: Remember that science changes so what we know today may not be what we know tomorrow!

#007 – December 21, 2020

This news brief covers:
1. Vaccine info
     – Vaccines / Study Protocol basics (0:50)
     – Moderna Vaccine – between the doses (6:21)
        (info on asymptomatic spread)
     – Comparing Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (13:11)

2. Testing
    – Misc. items about window of contagion (16:01)
    – Types of tests (3) (16:46)
    – What the (3) tests do (18:16)
    – Comparing Molecular (PCR)
       & Antigen (Rapid) tests (19:42)
     – Massage therapist take away (28:23)

3. Wrap up (30:35)

Sources and the massage therapist’s take away for each topic

#006 – November 16, 2020

This news brief covers:
1. Vaccine News – Pfizer / Moderna
Includes Nov. 20 Update on Pfizer Vaccine (14:52)
2. CDC changed definition of close contact (17:54)
3. Coagulation issues (autoantibodies) (22:47)
4. Prevalence of common symptoms – systematic review (24:50)
5. Mask Studies
    Reducing the spread (25:51)
    Oxygen saturation does not decrease (26:46)

Sources & massage therapy take away for each topic

#005 – October 19, 2020

This news brief covers:
1. Relative Humidity (temperature) & COVID-19
2. Getting COVID-19 from surfaces
3. COVID-19 Reinfection
4. Do masks provide immunity?
5. Airborne transmission and the CDC
6. Masks & breathing (hypoxia and CO2 poisoning)
7. Miscellaneous stories we’re following

Links to Resources & massage therapy take away for each topic

#004 – September 21, 2020

This news brief covers:
1. Mask decontamination and reuse
2. CDC update on testing if exposed to the virus
3. CDC & the aerosolization of the virus
4. Article on spread through aerosols and impact of ventilation systems
5. Symptoms:
     a. Numbers on loss of taste and smell
     b. World-wide study with development of symptom clusters and the impact on treatment.
6. Long haulers and longer term effects of the disease:
     a. Heart damage – even in the asymptomatic
     b. How many long haulers are there?
     c. Survivorcorps and Post Covid Care Centers
7. CDC protocols for massage therapists
8. A possible new screening question to ask clients.

Links to Resources

Addition to the video:

Under item 6c. Long haulers discussion about the lack of recognition: It should be noted that long haulers may have been misdiagnosed because clinicians did not know that the symptoms were actually part of COVID-19 and not something else. Often patients tried to tell the clinician that these symptoms seemed to be connected to COVID-19, only to be disbelieved. This is changing as more is learned about the disease.

#003 – August 31, 2020

This news brief covers:
1. The CDC and their latest info about testing (and walking it back)
2. Job opportunities for massage therapists
3. The social distance distance may be outdated
4. More on long-haulers
5. Practice support: ABMP articles
6. State vs. County guidelines
7. Re-using N95 masks

#002 – August 3, 2020

#001 – May 11, 2020

The first forum. 

Due to the personal sharing involved, this video is “Unlisted” on YouTube and is not searchable there or on the internet.

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  1. So sorry to miss the last meeting (8/31). Was evacuated for almost two weeks due to wildfire. Internet and phone services were spotty. ~ Kathy

    1. Wow! I hope everything turned out ok. We’ll be thinking of you. The next one is Sept. 21st. You should have gotten a notice today about that.

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