Massage Therapy Politics

For the care and feeding of a healthcare profession

LMT Body Politic provides resources and commentary for the massage therapy community as we assert our rights as a healthcare profession


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Commentary: Blog with opinion and policy

The Blog

Find out more about the roadblocks, the detours, and the expressways on the road to claiming our rightful place as a healthcare profession.

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Policies & Resources

Policies concerning topic areas.
Resources and information to lobby regulators, the general public, and the massage therapy community.

Fundraising - Political Action Fund

Political Action Fund

There are 200,000+ massage therapists in the USA. If everyone donates just $20 each year, a team of dedicated professionals could actively lobby to protect massage therapy as a healthcare profession.

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The Repository

Topics include
How to recruit and retain new political activists.
Overall training and state-by-state training . The collective wisdom of how to go about influencing the policymakers

Consulting & CEs - How we can help

Consulting / CEs

Need help on a specific issue? We can consult. CE's are available

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