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LMT Body Politic provides resources and commentary for the massage therapy community as we assert our rights as a healthcare profession

April 2020:
Right now, it’s COVID-19 all the time. The massage therapy profession is at a cross-roads. The virus is impacting how we do business and how we shepherd new practitioners into the profession. Yet, even before this crisis, school enrollment was already declining as was the number of therapists.

 Political activists continue to age out, taking their collective wisdom with them. And for them, this new crisis was the last straw. 

How do we recruit new activists? How do we begin to train them without overwhelming them? How do we develop grassroots campaigns that are effective and create more engagement by our community?

External pressures are also affecting our profession: Policy makers treat us differently than other healthcare professions. Before the pandemic, they treated us more like adult entertainment than as a viable healthcare profession. Now, during this pandemic, it is clear that these same policy makers don’t understand our unique issues.

How did this come about? It seems that the lack of unifying coherent strategies on the policy, political, and advocacy fronts have exposed these shortcomings. 

It is time that we work as a community to develop the policies and advocacy that are necessary to take our rightful place as a viable healthcare profession. 

LMT Body Politic brings resources under one site to assist in overcoming these challenges to moving our profession forward. 


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Commentary: Blog with opinion and policy

The Blog

Find out more about the roadblocks, the detours, and the expressways on the road to claiming our rightful place as a healthcare profession.

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Policies & Resources

Policies concerning topic areas.
Resources and information to lobby regulators, the general public, and the massage therapy community.

Fundraising - Political Action Fund

Political Action Fund

There are 200,000+ massage therapists in the USA. If everyone donates just $20 each year, a team of dedicated professionals could actively lobby to protect massage therapy as a healthcare profession.

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The Repository

Topics include
How to recruit and retain new political activists.
Overall training and state-by-state training . The collective wisdom of how to go about influencing the policymakers

Consulting & CEs - How we can help

Consulting / CEs

Need help on a specific issue? We can consult. CE's are available

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